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M-business is the generic term for mobile, electronic business. It is the integration of e-business and mobility, an efficient, location-independent handling of business processes. M-Business takes advantage of the increased functionality and performance of mobile communication devices such as cell phones, smartphones, notebooks, tablets, PDAs and various others, and uses them as universal communication tools in mobile work processes.

In addition to mobile devices, M-Business relies on high-performance communication and mobile networks. Smartphones and modern mobile networks thus meet the requirements for mobile business communication and support companies in building virtual business communities. Users can access the company's IT resources from any location, even while on the move, and join in the work processes. The smartphone becomes a client of enterprise applications.

Aspects of m-business

Aspects of m-business

Mobile business includes all electronic business activities, e-commerce, e-commerce, collaboration between groups or companies to optimize the value chain, e-collaboration, electronic procurement of goods, e-procurement, and the many aspects of electronic commerce, e-commerce and m-commerce, ranging from the purchase of products and services to their delivery and the necessary transactions, online banking and online billing.

The prerequisites for m-business are fast and secure communications links: Fixed networks with WLANs, IP networks via mobile communications, and above all mobile broadband with Mobile-WiMAX and HS mobile networks based on UMTS, EDGE, High Speed Downlink Packet Access( HSDPA) and other technologies. It is the stationary independence of users that turns e-business into mobile business.

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