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electronic business (eBusiness)

Electronic business (e-business or e-biz) is the generic term for all electronic business activities. In terms of function, e-business is concerned with electronically executed business activities and electronically influenced corporate processes. Business activities include all activities that influence business transactions, such as marketing, advertising, and the trading and sale of goods and services. It also includes non-business enterprise processes that support communication and collaboration with customers, such as after-sales support.

E-business is a web-based technology that enables business activities to be carried out quickly, worldwide and in a customer-oriented manner. In addition, e-business allows business-relevant data to be exchanged between systems and companies. Customers, suppliers, administrations and authorities can cooperate via specially set up networks and create value chains by means of supply chain management( SCM).

Communication takes place via electronic networks, which can be wired or wireless. The typical platforms for e-business are the Internet or intranet or extranet, in which cross-company business processes are handled on a Web basis. In the case of wireless business activities, this is referred to as m-business, and in the case of commerce, m-commerce. In addition, e-business forms the basis for m-business and c-business and, together with customer relationship management( CRM), the basis for collaborative commerce, c-commerce.

E-business communication

E-business communication

E-business can take place between a wide variety of institutions: between consumers (C), companies (B) and administrations (A). If it only takes place between consumers, such as on an auction portal, then it is a C2C business, consumer to consumer (C2C). If the business takes place between a company and the administration, then it is a C2A business, etc.

E-business was developed by the Open Buying on the Internet( OBI) as an open standard for business over the Internet and ensures the compatibility of the various e-business solutions.

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