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Home servers are central components of home entertainment on which photos, music tracks, videos and documents are stored and managed. Every member of the family has access to these documents. To meet the private demands of consumers, home servers must be easy to use and set up. The Windows Home Server(WHS) operating system developed by Microsoft meets this requirement, while others work with Linux.

Such a home server, which can perform a small part of the functions of a media center, is simply connected to the power grid, the home network and a communications network. The latter can be done via powerline, via xDSL technology or via another wired or wireless connection network. Home servers have their own processor and several hard disks with several 100 GBstorage capacity and have interfaces for connecting additional external storage media. They can also be connected to desktops, notebooks and tablets. Since they do not have their own display or input devices, they are set via a personal computer connected to the home network.

Scaleo Home Server from Fujitsu-Siemens

Scaleo Home Server from Fujitsu-Siemens

In addition to the mentioned functionalities and services, Home Servers can control a printer or store data in the memory. Protection to the Internet is provided by a firewall. Further functions can lie in home security and monitoring and in home automation, such as light, heating and shutter control.

The Windows Home Server operating system supports home users in setting up individual user accounts and managing access rights to the central data storage. Rights management extends beyond the data stored on the Home Server to include the local home network and the Internet.

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