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Home entertainment means home entertainment in German. Since the German term is little or not used at all, the English term Home-Entertainment is used in this context.

Home entertainment stands for a high-quality presentation of television, video and music in the home. Home entertainment is not limited to special rooms such as the home theater, nor is it limited to certain presentation techniques and screen sizes, nor does the sound reproduction have to be surround. The decisive factor is that the visual and acoustic reproduction meets high quality requirements and conveys something of a cinema atmosphere. The demands on home entertainment are increasing with new technological developments and with the products that go with them. Examples are HDTV and all high-definition( HD) products.

Home entertainment with large-screen TV, loudspeaker boxes and subwoofer, photo:

Home entertainment with large-screen TV, loudspeaker boxes and subwoofer, photo:

Home entertainment can be a large-screen TV, a music system with surround sound or a home theater, depending on the requirements. The term leaves enough room for interpretation for high-definition television, high-quality video, sonorous audio, detailed photos and computer games. Accordingly, the products can also be divided into receiving products such as receivers and set-top boxes, drives for audio and video such as hard disks, DVD drives and BD players, and signal-processing products that record, store, archive and prepare the signals for display. This product group includes media servers, home theater personalcomputers( HTPC) and media centers. The presentation side is covered by high- resolution large-screen televisions, large displays or projectors with projection screens. The audio side includes speaker cabinets and subwoofers, depending on the sound system.

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