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crime ware

Crimeware is a neologism made up of criminal and software. It is malicious software that white-collar criminals use in cybercrime. Crimeware is an evolution of spyware and malware used for Internet fraud and identity theft in social engineering.

Crimeware targets illegal online activities where the attacker gains financial benefits. This includes, for example, spying on account access and unauthorized transactions.

Crimeware can be used to create and deploy malware by people with no programming experience. Crimeware construction kits are available for this purpose. With the crimeware created, cybercriminals can use DoS attacks to tap sensitive company data, set up botnets or spread malware. Cybercrime endangers network security because account and identification numbers can be tapped. The malware bypasses security devices in networks and is not detected by virus scanners.

  1. For example, Cybercrime can record and log keystrokes on a personal computer with a keylogger and extract bank details, account numbers, passwords and personal identification numbers( PIN) from the keylogger's log files.
  2. Another crimeware program directs web browserusers to a fake website operated by the criminal. There, the relevant data can be retrieved using phishing.
  3. Crimeware can act as a man-in-the-middle attack and remain inactive until the user connects to his financial institution.
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