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Internet crime, cybercrime or cybercrime includes malicious activities that intentionally impair, spy on or damage persons, computers, data files, software programs and communication connections on the Internet. Cybercrime is the generic term for all criminal activity on the Internet, whether for personal gain or to the detriment of others.

The attack tools used in cybercrime are malicious programs developed by hackers, software developers and programmers used by hackers or criminals. The range of malicious software, known by the generic term malware, includes a wide variety of programs and techniques used to interfere with the functioning of computer systems, tap into sensitive data, commit identity theft and Internet fraud, or lock down computers or entire systems. These programs include viruses, worms and Trojans, cryptolockers, rootkits, flooding, broadcast storms, spyware, keyloggers, nuke attacks, mail bombs, phishing, spams and hoaxes. Furthermore, the snooping, spoofing, baiting, pharming and hijacking, the spyware, the cross site scripting( XSS), sniffers, deceptions and APT threats. In the social environment, it is the scamming and social engineering, cyberbullying and cyberbullying. And the attackers on data assets, transmission links and websites are hackers, crackers and crashers.

Each of these often extremely intelligent malicious programs has its own objective. In addition, there are botnets that carry out targeted attacks on corporate networks with thousands of infected computers.

Some of the aforementioned malicious programs attack and infect computers, others are concerned with identity theft, and still others with spying on bank accounts and credit cards and their access data. The range and nature of attacks indicate that malicious programs are becoming increasingly intelligent and are programmed by software professionals.

The transition between cybercrime and cyberterrorism is fluid and not clearly defined.

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