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advanced television systems committee (ATSC)

Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) is an international non-profit organization that develops standards for digital TV. The members of this organization come from consumer electronics, the computer industry, broadcasters and television networks, satellite technology and semiconductor technology.

The aim of ATSC is to develop cross- media ATSC standards for digital TV, taking into account multimedia aspects such as interactivity. These activities also include the ATSC-M/H standard for mobile TV, which competes with various other standards such as DVB-H or Digital Multimedia Broadcast( DMB). ATSC also develops strategies for the implementation of these standards. The committee was founded in 1982 by several standardization bodies such as IEEE, Electronics Industry Association( EIA), Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers( SMPTE) and NAB. It has about 200 members.

Well-known standards include Digital Television( DTV), High Definition Television( HDTV), Standard Definition Television( SDTV), Multichannel Surround Sound, Satellite to Home Broadcasting, Advanced Common Application Platform ( ACAP) and ATSC-M/H.

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