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application control access protocol (e-mail) (ACAP)

The Application Control Access Protocol (ACAP) is a universal protocol that simplifies the management of e-mail networks and access to message services, their repositories and directories. Unlike the Internet Message Access Protocol( IMAP), the ACAP protocol has individual setting options.

The ACAP protocol, which was called Internet Message Support Protocol( IMSP) before it was standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force( IETF), can be used to retrieve server-side program options and configurations from remote stations. ACAP works with location brokers through which e-mail administrators can get an overview of all mailboxes available on the network.

An interesting feature of ACAP is the ability to make basic settings for personal and group-specific information. The security-relevant aspects are taken into account in an Access Control List( ACL), in which the settings are defined on the server and client side.

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