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IEEE 802.6

The 802.6 Metropolitan Area Network(MAN) working group is concerned with the standardization of network protocols in the urban area and has standardized Distributed Queue Dual Bus( DQDB) for MANs.

In addition to this standard, the working group is concerned with physical layer protocols and has developed a proposal for a 100 Mbps protocol. This Physical Medium Dependent( PMD) is needed in looped- bus SMDS networks. Other working groups are concerned with the coupling of two LANs via a DQDB-MAN, with the transmission of video and with the variable bit rate.

802.6b: 100 Mbit/s protocol on the physical layer; FDDI PMD in looped-bus SMDS networks.

802.6c: Protocol for DQDB access over DS-1 lines.

802.d:Sonet/ SDH.

802.6i: Coupling of LANs via DQDB MANs.

802.6j: Functions for guaranteed transmission bandwidths, e.g. for video.

802.6h: Isochronous services.

802.6k:Bridging 48-bit IEEE 802.6 on LANs

802.6m: Maintenance.

The activities of the 802.6 Metropolitan Area Networks working group were completely taken over by IEEE 802.14 and later discontinued.

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