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virtual reality headset

A virtual reality headset, VR headset, is a display that consists of two small OLED displays located a short distance in front of the viewer's eyes. The microdisplays produce two images that differ by different viewing angles, enabling three-dimensional projections.

The VR headset looks similar to goggles. The viewer's natural environment is replaced by superimposing virtual reality (VR). The VR display includes spherical displays around 360 degrees and is controlled by head tracking.

The two microdisplays placed in front of the eyes create high- resolution 3D representations with resolutions in the 2K standard. Each display shows an image offset by the distance between the eyes, which are combined by the viewer's brain to form a 3D image. The 3D display can be supported via stereo headphones with 3D sound.

Gear VR headset from Samsung

Gear VR headset from Samsung

Current VR headsets have OLED displays to reduce power consumption, and they are also wireless. VR headset technology provides an extremely realistic impression of the environment and action. To make activities and movements appear as realistic as possible, VR headsets are equipped with infrared sensors, gyro sensors and accelerometers, and have latency times of less than 20 ms.

VR headsets can be used in industrial applications, urban planning, architecture, interior design, archaeology, geography and many other application areas. There are various apps with which the display and sound of movies, videos and computer games are supported.

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