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A headset is a combination of a headphone and a microphone that are clamped behind the ear or on the head with an earband or headband.

Headsets have only one headphone so that the user can hear speech and background noise from. Since the microphone is always the same distance from the mouth, voice quality is consistently good and not subject to fluctuations. Headsets that consist only of a headband and an electret microphone or a MEMS microphone, i.e. do not have an earpiece, are called headband micro phones or headset microphones. As for headset microphones, they are attached to an arm or gooseneck and are located in front of the speaker's mouth. The microphone capsules of headset microphones are omnidirectional electret microphones.

Headsets are used in everyday office work, telephone switchboards and computer telephony integration( CTI) and have the advantage that the operator can listen and speak and also perform operating functions.

Headset, photo:

Headset, photo:

In addition to wired headsets, there are wireless, battery-powered headsets. Wireless communication between headset and telephone system or computer is supported by Bluetooth with special Bluetooth profiles. For hands-free communication, there is the Headset Profile( HSP) or the Hands Free Profile( HFR), which is optimized for voice transmissions and transmits them monophonically only.

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