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The architecture is the characteristic structure of a system, computer, network or a computer. It ensures the interaction of hardware and software and represents the functional concept. It comprises all functional and performance features with regard to their functionality and usability and includes peripheral components as well as resources.

Each individual system, each component has its own specific architecture, which in the case of the central processing unit is decisive for the processing of instructions and programs, in the case of the memory architecture for the access options and access times, in the case of the networks for the access procedure, the routing and the connection technologies. Many application-specific features are the result of the architecture. These include, for example, system resilience or connectivity and communication capabilities with other systems.

Among the multitude of architectures, there are hardware-based ones such as those of the central processing units or the computer architectures, those of the networks such as the classic and convergent network architectures or the WLAN architectures, and the service-based architectures such as the CTI architecture for computer telephony or the service-oriented SOA architecture.

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