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head tracking

Head tracking can be translated as head tracking. It is an interaction with which computer functions are controlled via the user interface. Thus, the operator can influence the display by head movement and rotation.

Head-tracking technology is used, for example, in VR headsets or in data helmets to recreate models or game scenes through virtual reality or augmented reality. Another application is product placements in stores. Head or face tracking can be used to optimize the placement of current and profitable products, thus actively influencing turnover and sales.

Head Mounted Display (HMD), Photo: VR Realities.

Head Mounted Display (HMD), Photo: VR Realities.

Head tracking allows the viewer to move around in the virtual world. This is calculated in real time for every slightest head movement and represents a fluid process. Head tracking is used in computer games and in medical applications, computer-aided design, modeling, urban planning and architecture. Technically, head movement or rotation is detected by gyro and gyro sensors located in the VR headset and every small change in movement is converted into control signals.

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