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virtual data center (VDC)

A virtual data center (VDC), sometimes called a software defined data center( SDDC), is a conceptual model in which the data center is seen as a service for a single computer. In a virtual data center, the hardware and software resources behind it are virtualized.

VDC variants can be those for grid computing, utility computing, cloud computing or other computing concepts. In terms of performance, virtual data centers are extremely efficient and productive. This applies equally to the resources available and the power consumption. They can adapt dynamically to changing computing requirements.

In addition to the points mentioned, business continuity, disaster recovery, high availability, load balancing and other aspects play a decisive role. One goal of virtual data center resource management is to reduce costs, another is to maintain agreed upon quality of service( QoS) for each individual user. These aspects cannot be sufficiently fulfilled by own servers and application servers. It is different with Virtual Data Center where the availability and business continuity is performed by a Virtual Machine( VM) from a reserved blade. Such a machine stands for direct migration and can transfer applications from one physical server to another.

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