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software defined data center (SDDC)

Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) is an approach that extends the virtualization of hardware and software resources and the IT services provided. Such a concept involves the software-based control of virtual data centers( VDC) in which all infrastructural components are virtualized and made available as services.

The core components of a Software Defined Data Center include computer or server virtualization, Software Defined Networking( SDN) with network virtualization, Software Defined Storage( SDS) with storage virtualization and the software for Data Center Infrastructure Management( DCIM).

The goal of the Software Defined Data Center is to improve the various services for the business units and departments. This is achieved through central control of the IT infrastructure and comprehensive IT and service management. The functionality of the data center components is based on their integration into the data center management system. It must be ensured that the network components comprehensively meet the requirements for computing power, data rates and storage capacities.

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