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In information and network technology, migration is the integration of older technologies, services or data into newer or upgrade technologies while making extensive use of existing technologies, structures and resources. Depending on the technological area, this can involve the migration of computer technology, networks, services, protocols or data.

The migration of computer technology can be exemplified by the transition from midrange data technology to mainframe technology. Or replacing or upgrading an older server with a newer one.

Network migration is about networks with higher data rates and better service characteristics replacing older networks. For example, an SDH network may replace an older PDH multiplex structure, or a GSM network may be replaced by an LTE network

In terms of service migration, the transition from ISDN telephony to Internet telephony is currently taking place, and in terms of protocol migration, the transition from IPv4 protocol to IPv6 protocol is taking place.

And as far as data migration is concerned, this involves migrating data to a cloud, consolidatingwebsites or migrating databases. In this context, we should also mention storage migration, where data is transferred from one storage device to another: For example, from disk to magnetic tape or to the cloud.

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