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disaster recovery (DR)

Disaster recovery (DR) includes all measures to restore data assets after a disaster or crash to resume business operations in the short term. The required measures are expressed in the Disaster Recovery Plan( DRP).

Since not all enterprise-related data assets are mandatory for resuming business operations, disaster recovery also deals with strategies in which enterprise data and applications are categorized according to their importance.

Disaster recovery strategies are based on business requirements and can optimize availability or costs, among other things. Certain data assets have higher priorities than others. For example, certain data for online transactions must be available again immediately after recovery. A key performance indicator for disaster recovery is the recovery time objective( RTO), the time required for the restart procedure.

DR strategiesincorporatebackups and storage techniques such as disk to disk( D2D) or disk to disk to tape( D2D2T), as well as Fibre Channel over IP( FCIP) tunneling or the cloud application Disaster Recovery as a Service ( DRaaS).

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