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utility computing

Utility computing is one of several IT strategies for reducing costs; grid computing, distributed computing, software as a service( SaaS), and cloud computing are others. Utility computing represents an evolution of grid computing.

Utility computing, which dates back to the 1990s, involves consumption-based billing for IT services. Here, the service provider bills for the IT services provided to a customer depending on the service provided. This can involve the leasing of storage space or computing power, application-dependent calculations, the provision of security-related services or data duplication.

Computing concepts

Computing concepts

Like cloud computing, utility computing offers various IT services such as scaling of computing power, server virtualization in which an application is always assigned a free or less busy server, optimal quality-of-service agreements in which the costs and the quality of service are defined, and, above all, usage-oriented and transparent costs that can be allocated to the individual areas.

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