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spam mail

  1. Spams, spam mails or junk mails, are unsolicited e-mails and short message services (SMS

    ). They can also be news articles distributed to many newsgroups. In normal language, this refers to unsolicited



    which one has no interest and which are sent to the user



    A spam mail is comparable to an unsolicited postal junk mail. Unsolicited bulk electronic mail is also known as Unsolicited Bulk E-Mail( UBE), while commercial e-mails with advertising content are known as Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail( UCE). There are special programs for sending spam over the Internet. Thus, spam e-mails can be spread via chats as well as via ICQ, I Seek You. The creativity of spam authors knows almost no limits. Thus, spam mails have mutated into complex and specialized applications. They are loaded with Flash animations, hidden content or spyware. To prevent spam, there are spam filters against unwanted bulk emails, mail filters to filter the content of emails by text and attachments, and webfilters and upload filters to block unwanted websites or content.
    Spam mail

    Spam mail

    The Mail Abuse Prevention System( MAPS) and Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (CAUCE) organizations have specifically addressed spam prevention and provide blacklists of server addresses from which spam is regularly sent.
  2. In addition to spam emails, there are also spamming procedures that are used in search engine optimization( SEO) to improve the search engine ranking of a website. These procedures are also called spamdexing and aim to improve the ranking by violating the search engine guidelines. One such technique is link spamming where links are acquired from other websites in exchange or for a fee. The spamming techniques can be the misleading use of keywords on topic-irrelevant websites, the use of black hat SEO or linking to doorway pages or other fictitious websites. Since spamming violates the guidelines of search engine operators, websites that engage in spamming are penalized by search engines and, in the case of serious violations, removed from the search engine index by means of delisting.
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