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search engine optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) contributes significantly to the success of a website. Independently of the website visitors that can be gained through own advertising activities, the links via the search engines play the decisive role for many website operators. The central question associated with search engine optimization is: How can my website occupy a leading position in the search results?

Since many companies are concerned with this question, those that best interpret and implement the search engine algorithms will also be found at the front of the results pages( SERP). The algorithms of the search engine operators are their guarantee of success and are therefore not known. Own experiences and the exchange of experiences with other website operators are therefore not to be underestimated aspects of search engine optimization. In addition, the effects on search results should be analyzed for each website change.

Parameters of search engine optimization

Credible specialists of search engine optimization speak of up to a hundred parameters, but without being able to make a statement about their weighting. One of the better known parameters was PageRank, but it has increasingly faded into the background and since 2014 no longer has any influence on the ranking. It has been replaced by the RankingIndex, the VisibilityIndex, the SEMrush Traffic, the Moz Domain Authority, link popularity, reach in social networks and the Alexa TrafficRank. All these ranking indices are influenced by the website content, by its timeliness, keywords used, keyword density and keyword proximity, spelling and semantics. The consistency of the content, the number of links and, last but not least, the Uniform Resource Locator( URL), as well as the previously mentioned parameters, are recorded and weighted by the search engines' robots.

Position monitoring of keywords, screenshot:

Position monitoring of keywords, screenshot:

Search engine operators provide concrete advice and also guidelines for legal search engine optimization. Search engine optimization can also be overambitious and lead to penalization by an Over Optimization Penalty( OOP). The legal methods are called white hat SEO; aggressive, illegal ones, on the other hand, are called black hat SEO. Since the information of the search engine operators is used by other optimizers as well, this offer is put into perspective. And one thing should not be forgotten in search engine optimization, the effects on changes can often only be seen in a few weeks. The success or failure of optimization measures can be controlled with position monitoring.

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