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Upload stands for uploading or uploading. Uploading is about sending a file from a local computer to a remote server. The server must be ready to receive and acknowledge it.

The term upload is often used in the context of uploading files to a web server. There are various transfer protocols for uploading files in the World. For example, the HTTP protocol, X-modem for error-tolerant data transfer, or the HTTPS protocol that works with encryption.

The duration of the upload depends directly on the file size, i.e. the amount of data to be uploaded, and the data transfer rate. The upload time can be shortened by increasing the data transfer rate or by compressing the data. The data transfer rate depends on the data rate in the connection area, i.e. on the DSL method.

If the transfer takes place in the other direction, then it is referred to as a download, where the user receives a file. This takes place from a remote server to a client.

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