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session description protocol (IP) (SDP)

The Session Description Protocol(SDP) describes multimedia sessions, for example video conferences or web conferences, and invites participation in such a session. The sessions are defined by the endpoints, which are the points where the conference topics are located. The SDP log informs the conferees about the details of the multimedia session and provides conference-specific information.

The session information includes the session parameters and is passed to the Session Announcement Protocol( SAP), which publishes the sessions. For this purpose, the messages are packaged in the payload of the SAP packets. The SPD messages are UnicodeTransformation Format 8( UTF-8) text messages containing the session details. They include the session name, meeting ID, and password, provide information about the meeting topic, session time and duration, and provide information about session reception details, data formats and bandwidth requirements, and media support measures. The session data can be transmitted over the web or sent as an email to the potential participants.

Invitation to the web conference with e-mail. Detailed information about the SDP protocol

Invitation to the web conference with e-mail. Detailed information about the SDP protocol

The information of the SDP protocol can also be processed by the Session Initiation Protocol( SIP), as it includes the encodings and transmission parameters. The SDP protocol supports many-to-many communication. It is mainly used in wide area networks, but can also be used in local networks in city networks. It is specified in RFC 2327.

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