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A password is a secret password chosen completely freely by the user, consisting of letters and numbers. The password provides access protection toprograms, files, data, functions, networks and other resources from unauthorized access.

Entering the password unlocks the programs and files accessed by the user. The access to the individual resources succeeds only if a user or a process carries out its authentication during the Login over a password procedure. In addition to the term password, the terms User Number, Customer Number, Customer Name or similar are also used adequately.

Passwords must be created in such a way that the user can easily remember it, while it must be difficult for strangers to guess it. For security reasons, passwords should be of a certain length and consist of upper and lower case letters, include digits and special characters, and not be known to any third party. An example that includes these requirements: Absurd_1207. Strong passwords consist of a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Passwords that consist of such letter- digit- special character cobbinations and do not include a word are called passphrases. An example of this is: Ecc_x45/UkUl12. Passwords should not consist of relevant data such as birthday or telephone number and should be written down for filing purposes only.

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