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real time communication (RTC)

Companies and contact persons that can be reached at all times have a significant competitive advantage over companies that are difficult to reach, because many business processes can only be handled with minimal delays. For this reason, real-time communication ( RTC) plays an important role in companies.

Reachability is therefore a competitive factor, but it decreases with the number of communication media. As a result, decisions are delayed and customer inquiries are not answered promptly enough. Real-cell services include Internet telephony, instant messaging( IM), video conferencing, live streaming and various other services.

Whereas classic IP communication uses the IP protocol as a common platform for transmitting data and voice, e.g. through Internet telephony( VoIP), the new IP concept, also known as the second IP generation (2gIP), focuses on time-critical communication in real time. With this concept, companies, suppliers, and partners worldwide can leverage value creation through browser-based intranet applications and specialized software for customer relationship management( CRM). As for Web-based real-time communication, this is realized through Web Real Time Communication(WebRTC).

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