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customer relationship management (CRM)

The aim of customer relationship management(CRM) is to address customer needs individually, thus satisfying customers and ensuring their long-term loyalty to the company. In doing so, all customer-relevant departments of a company, such as sales, marketing and support, are to be specifically aligned with the customers and interact with each other in a process-oriented manner.

Customer Relationship Management is a mixture of software and business strategy, which is oriented towards the needs of the customer and the results of Customer Relationship Analysis( CRA). CRM management has evolved from Customer Asset Management( CAM) and Sales Force Automation (SAF) and can be found in Customer Interaction Systems( CIS) and in call centers and help desks. An essential component of the CRM concept is Customer Data Integration( CDI).

With CRM technology, companies improve customer service and can manage and process all relevant customer contacts in the form of customer data, activities, appointments and contact histories. CRM systems mesh with data warehousing, sales, distribution, call centers, etc., and interpret customer orientation as a holistic solution. The different departments have access to the jointly maintained customer base. In terms of approach, there is on-premise and on-demand CRM. On-premise CRM is the classic solution in which the server is located in the company's own premises, while the on-demand system runs in the provider's data center and the end user can access it via the Internet.

The interaction in CRM, graphic according to Six-Sigma-CRM

The interaction in CRM, graphic according to Six-Sigma-CRM

Modern CRM systems are not only customer-facing, but also integrate business partners, suppliers and distributors into customer-related business processes on an electronic basis, known as e-CRM. The CRM business also includes CRM On Demand, in which the CRM system is located at the CRM provider's site and the CRM service can be called up on demand, as well as Mobile CRM, with which field sales staff can always access the current data stock at the customer's site, while at the same time reconciling the data with the office staff.

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