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process automation (PA)

Process automation is about the automation of technical processes. It takes place in almost all areas of daily life, in services and in the manufacture of products. Inbuilding automation, home automation, office automation, traffic automation, railroad automation, cloud automation, process automation.

In process automation, technical information from processes is transferred to information and communication systems for further processing. The process result is achieved through further processing by microcontrollers, industrial computers, bus systems and application-specific control systems such as from programmable logic controllers( CNC), process control systems or robotic process automation( RPA). The subsequent process can be automated or influenced by process personnel. The cycle closes as the signals obtained control the equipment in which a technical process takes place.

Sensors collect the information for process automation and convert the physical quantities - brightness, temperature, pressure, etc. - into electrical signals. - into electrical signals. The control information of the process automation is converted via actuators. These can be actuators, controllers, switches, servomotors, relays, etc. Bus systems - CAN bus, Profibus, Interbus, EtherNet/ IP, HART and others - are used as communication systems.

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