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robotic process automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is about the automated handling of business processes. In contrast to process automation, robotic process automation does not use physical robots to perform certain work steps, but digital software robots, or bots.

The bots, equipped with artificial intelligence, can autonomously perform certain business processes and interact with other bots. Robotic Process Automation is best suited for handling data-oriented tasks that are rule-based and monotonous for humans. For example, software robots can perform simple office tasks and communication tasks; they can automatically write and send emails, faxes, or short messages; evaluate keyboard input; generate reports; engage in voice dialogue with customers over the phone; fill out forms; or advise customers on service issues in live chats.

Digital robots are extremely flexible and fast and increase processing quality. They are predestined for repetitive tasks, but can also perform different tasks and document them accurately. They relieve company employees of monotonous routine work and are in operation around the clock. They reduce error rates and personnel costs.

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