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  1. As a hardware component, an organizer is understood to be a mobile handy small computer, a handheld PC, palmtop, smartphone, tablet PC or PDA, with which personal appointments, addresses, phone numbers or e-mails can be managed and processed. Typical representatives of this group are Apple's Newton and the Psion.
  2. In terms of programs, the organizer functions are PIM programs, PersonalInformation Manager (PIM), for address book, appointment calendar, notebook, memo pad, etc. with which personal appointments and addresses can be managed, edited and linked with each other. The range of organizer functions is supplemented by e-mails, photo archives, short message services( SMS) and simple word processing.
  3. In conference systems such as those for video con ferencing or web conferencing, the Organizer is the moderator who plans, organizes and monitors the conferences.
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