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Electronic address books are programs in which private and business addresses are recorded, stored and managed. Such address books are available as organizer functions for desktops, mobile computers, smartphones and also for e-mail clients.

Generally, contact addresses with different depth of information are entered in address books. These include names, private and business addresses, and telephone numbers for the communication services telephone, fax, and mobile phone. Some address book programs also support additional functions such as photos or private information such as birthdays.

Address book with private and business entries

Address book with private and business entries

Email address books are a functional part of email clients that add new names and email addresses automatically or manually. Depending on the address book program, addresses can be entered manually or automatically via phone books. In addition, the user can add phone numbers and business details to the names. Some programs even add location information, which is of interest for route planning. Addresses from other programs such as Outlook can be imported directly or matched with the Outlook data. The addresses entered can be called up directly and are thus available as e-mail addresses.

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