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internetwork address sub-group (ATM) (IASG)

Internetwork Address Sub-Group (IASG) is a number of Internetwork layer addresses that are combined into a route in a routing protocol. The grouped addresses can be reached via a broadcast.

In Multiprotocol over ATM( MPoA), the Internetwork Address Sub-Group (IASG) replaces the term subnet. An IASG depends on the Internetwork protocol used. If a host supports two Internetwork protocols, it is represented in at least two IASGs. An IASG is defined by the Internetwork protocol used, by the Internetwork address prefix and by the length of the prefix.

The goal of the MPoA Subworking Group is to develop a service that allows end-to-end connections over ATM. In particular, scenarios are considered where end systems on traditional networks exchange data with end systems on ATM networks.

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