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subnet (SN)

A subnet can be a local network defined in terms of its geographical boundaries. The definition can also refer to security boundaries, enterprise parts or security criteria. Subnets are subnets of local networks and take over parts of their data traffic. In this way, they protect the local networks against overload.

  1. InIP networks, subnets are subnets with their own subnet address. Subnets can be combined into a larger network via routers or switches. The concept of subnets is useful when corporate structures change and the existing corporate network has to be divided into several subnets for organizational reasons. Subnets can also be created for security reasons, to achieve higher data throughput, to avoid network congestion or to improve load distribution. In IP-based networks, the available address space is divided among the subnets. For this purpose, the IP address is converted into the new subnet addresses via a subnet mask.
    Subnets with subnet addresses

    Subnets with subnet addresses

    Subnets are structured by network administrators in such a way that they have hierarchical routing and are self-sufficient in terms of addressing in relation to the connected networks.
  2. In OSI terminology, a subnet is part of a backbone network that is separated from the backbone network by repeaters, bridges or routers and forms its own administrative domain. The nodes of a subnet use only one protocol to communicate with each other. Subnets with nodes and routers are connected to larger networks via intermediate systems( IS).
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