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address (A)

An address is a numeric or alphanumeric specification that uniquely identifies a network, service, terminal, storage location, pixel, or other component.

An address consists of a sequence of letters and digits that serve to uniquely assign a destination, although the address structure varies in different areas of communications, telecommunications, and computer technology.

Characteristics of addresses

Characteristics of addresses

Addresses are divided into absolute, logical, real, relative, virtual, mnemonic, physical, symbolic and indirect addresses.

  1. In data transmission, the address is a sequence of characters, a bit sequence or a group of characters that uniquely logically identifies a receiving station, a user or an application. It is the header information in a Protocol Data Unit( PDU) that defines the recipient of a message.
  2. In networks, a distinction is made between MAC addresses, which are located on the datalinklayer and are also known as hardware addresses, and the addresses of the network layer, the IP addresses. In OSI networks, one speaks of the OSI address.
  3. In connection-oriented protocols, the address is used to denote the virtual channel number, and in connectionless protocols it contains the final destination address.
  4. In message handling systems, an address identifies an object with respect to a particular coordinate system. The address designates the location where the object defined by the name can be found.
  5. On the Internet, the domain address is also known as the Uniform Resource Locator( URL) and is standardized on the World Wide Web. A hypertext document is hierarchical and begins with http://, which is followed by www for World Wide Web. The individual domain names are separated by periods. The top- level domain( TLD), which can be the name of the company, organization or institution, is followed by the ending separated by a dot. If the ending is a two-letter domain, it identifies the country; three-letter domains identify national organizations, institutions, and governmental, commercial, and noncommercial entities.
  6. In terms of structure, the e-mail address always has an at sign (@), which separates the user name that precedes the at sign from the computer address or the provider address with the country code. Example:
  7. In memory technology, the memory address( MA) is a specific word used to identify a memory location, a contiguous memory area, or a functional unit. The memory location identified by this address can be accessed directly. The address is also referred to as an absolute or real address.
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