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  1. An object is an abstract element of our imagination and thus can be everything or nothing. Depending on the application, the word object is interpreted differently. In data communication, for example, an object is an executable data package that contains data, coding, functions and flow mechanisms. The object reflects a reality from the application environment together with all its contexts. It is the model-like reproduction of structures which describe a software problem and which interact on the way to the result. Objects can be placed in relation to each other, and the interaction between the objects takes place according to a functional plan.Insoftware, an object is understood as an instance of a class, which in turn is formed by the abstract description of the objects. Systems created with objects are very secure and have high quality because only their own code can access the data. To enforce this encapsulation, the code is grouped into a limited number of methods. Different objects can respond differently to a command.
  2. In object-oriented programming( OOP), an object is the grouping of a data structure and the methods that can be applied to it into a single unit. An object has a structure - the object structure -, a state - the object state -, a behavior - the object behavior -, and an identity. In object-oriented languages, each object is an instance of a class, by whose definition, the class definition, the characteristics of the object are specified. An object can be either an instance object or a class object. In object-oriented programming, objects form the units of data encapsulation.
    Classes and objects of object-oriented programming (OOP)

    Classes and objects of object-oriented programming (OOP)

    In object-oriented programming, object structure means the data structure of an object, which is described by the set of attributes. Object state means specifically the current value assignment of the attributes of an object. The permissible states of an object are determined by the types of the attributes and possibly additional restrictions of the combination of the values of different attributes. The term object behavior characterizes the behavior of an object, i.e. actions and reactions of an object in the form of changes of the object state and the sending of messages. The object behavior is determined by the definition and implementation of its methods.
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