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audio engineering society (AES)

The Audio Engineering Society (AES) was founded as early as 1948. It is based in New York, USA, and deals exclusively with professional audio engineering. Its members are engineers, scientists and researchers.

The AES has sections in 47 countries worldwide. The individual sections in Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, Mexico, South America, and the United States of the USA hold regular regional meetings to exchange experiences on current audio topics.

The AES specifies AES standards and works closely with other standards bodies, such as the Electronics Industries Association( EIA), the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers( SMPTE), with IEEE, the European Broadcasting Union( EBU), and others.

Pinout of the Sub-D connector for 4 AES inputs and 4 AES outputs

Pinout of the Sub-D connector for 4 AES inputs and 4 AES outputs

Due to the increasing importance of standards for digital audio, the AES Digital Audio Standards Committee was founded, which adopted various audio standards.

AES3Adigital audio interface that transmits two digital audio channels plus embedded clock, control, and status data at up to 24 bits per audio sample and a sampling rate of up to 384 kHz. AES3 is the protocol used in XLR, RCA connectors and SPDIF interfaces.

AES10 definesthe serial MADI interface, Multichannel Audio Digital Interface (MADI). MADI can transmit either 56 or 64 channels over a single coaxial cable or over optical fiber.

AES11 is an AES standard that defines the use of a specific form of the AES3 signal for clocking purposes only.

AES17 defines a method for evaluating the dynamic range of A/D converters and D/A converters.

AES42 is an AES standard that defines the connectivity, power supply, remote control, and audio format ofdigital interfaces for microphones.

AES59 is an AES standard that defines the use and pinout of 25- pin sub-D connectors for eight- channel analog audio signals. This standard provides for bidirectional eight-channel transmission of digital audio and is equivalent to the Tascam Digital Interface( TDIF).

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