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Tascam digital interface (TDIF)

Tascam Digital Interface (TDIF) is an interface for the transmission of eight digital channels, comparable to the ADAT interface, Alesis Digital Audio Tape (ADAT).

The TDIF interface was developed by Tascam and is used in studio technology. In contrast to ADAT, it works with a 25- pin Sub-D connector through which the input and output signals are routed.

Pinout of the Sub-D connector for TDIF

Pinout of the Sub-D connector for TDIF

The pinout is different for TDIF and the interface standardized by the Audio Engineering Society( AES). For the AES version, the inputs and outputs are relatively distributed and separated by ground lines, whereas for the TDIF version, the outputs are on pins 1 through 4, and the inputs are on pins 10 through 13. The ground pins are on 7, 14 through 17, and 22 through 25.

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