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HDBaseT is a worldwide standard for the transmission of audio and video, Ethernet, Power over Ethernet( PoE), USB and control signals. Such a transmission concept with five different signal types transmitted over one network cable is called 5Play concept. HDBaseT has nothing to do with the transmission techniques of Ethernet, although it also transmits Ethernet. HDBaseT is used in industrial, consumer and automotive applications.

As a transmission medium, HDBaseT uses TP cables of category 5e and 6 and can bridge distances of up to 100 meters. In automotive technology, an unshielded twisted pair is used, which can bridge distances of up to 15 meters. Alternatively, STP cables or fiber optic cables can be used. The target projection of HDBaseT is to use a transmission medium that is as inexpensive as possible, or in the case of automotive technology, as light as possible, with which the required distance ranges can be bridged.

The distance range that can be bridged with HDBaseT is 100 m and can be extended with several hops. Five different signal types can be transmitted via the HDBaseT network cable: Audio and video, Ethernet, Power over Ethernet, USB signals and control signals. As for video transmission, all formats of HDMI are supported, as well as 2K, 4K and 3D, furthermore video-related features such as High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection( HDCP), the CEC protocol, EDID data and the electronic program guide. As a connector, the HDBaseT network uses the RJ45 connector. As for video display, Ultra HDTV can be transmitted according to the 4K standard. The transmission of signals according to the 8K standard is already in the roadmap.

Standardization and marketing is being driven by the HDBaseT Alliance.

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