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voice over LTE (VoLTE)

Long Term Evolution(LTE) is an HS mobile communications technology and the successor to UMTS. LTE technology delivers transmission speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s. Conceptually, LTE is an IP-basedcellular network, ideal for high-speed data transmission for mobile computing, video telephony, real-time transmissions, instant messaging and web surfing. Voice transmission is provided by Internet telephony( VoIP).

These limitations have been circumvented by several LTE-based developments that all support voice transmissions on LTE. These include Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Voice over LTE via Generic Access( VoLGA), Circuit Switched Fallback( CSFB), and Simultaneous Voice LTE( SV-LTE), some of which compete with each other.

Voice communication via LTE

Voice communication via LTE

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) has been developed by several telecommunications companies. The technology is based on IP Multimedia Subsystem( IMS), a framework for IP protocol and IP-based multimedia services that can be seamlessly inserted, instead of various competing services. Because of the high data rates, VoLTE offers excellent quality of service.

HD Voice and Full HD Voice are offered as high-quality voice transmission. The latter method is characterized by high fidelity.

In 5th generation( 5G) mobile networks, 5G Release 16 uses Voice over New Radio to improve voice quality and maintain calls during radio cell changes or radio standard changes. Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB) has been implemented for these applications.


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