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threat hunter

Threat Hunters are security specialists who continuously and regularly detect cyber attack threats and alert the Security Operation Center( SOC) to the threats.

Reporting to Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) or Chief Information Officers( CIO), Threat Hunters prevent Advanced Persistent Threats( APT). Threat Hunter's work is preventative and designed to thwart cyber attack threats. They can work manually, with known security tools or with automated techniques and often use their years of experience and innovative techniques with which they detect the attack patterns and the security incidents. Threat hunter defenses can also be performed by using machine learning( ML) to scan the data set of metadata for anomalies. In addition, information on attack vectors is available globally for threat hunting, and security providers offer threat intelligence feeds.

To avoid false positives, a threat hunter needs to know enterprise operations. He must also be informed about the current state of security technology.

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