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machine learning (ML)

Machine learning(ML) is an older computer science that encompasses aspects ofimage recognition, computational learning, and artificial intelligence( AI). Machine Learning studies the construction of algorithms from which it can derive learning, predictions, and decisions. The process is used to analyze data and can learn to verify data for accuracy.

Machine learning is based on three different methods. There is the supervised learning, Supervised Learning, the unsupervised learning, Unsupervised Learning and the reinforcement learning, Reinforcement Learning. Machine Learning is directly related to Computational Statistics, which is used for forecasting, and mathematical optimization methods. It is a method that automatically follows trends, predicts developments, optimizes algorithms for the software services themselves and extracts information. Newly acquired data is based on historical and current data.

Machine learning is used in many technical areas and business activities, in research and production, as well as in pattern recognition, object recognition and facial recognition for personal identification. But also for the classification of data to detect spams and malware, and also in network technology. Thus, machine learning can be used to automatically detect network behavior, as well as deviations and anomalies. Thanks to the learning capability, network components can obtain information about the stations in the network via a permanently implemented self-learning algorithm and make an optimal routing decision based on this information.

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