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Targeting or online targeting is the target projection onto the target group in online advertising. Targeting is based on a precise definition of the target group and increases the efficiency of online advertising by displaying it to the exact target group. The better the target group recognizes itself in the advertising, the more effective the advertising effort. On the other hand, targeting is about excluding people who do not have an affinity for the advertising approach or do not want to be addressed.

There are various forms of targeting that can be used to address the target group as efficiently as possible. Microtargeting, for example, allows target groups to be addressed in a personalized manner via social media. Demographic targeting, which targets gender, age, occupation, income and social status, or geotargeting, with which Internet users are geographically localized based on their IP address, existing IP geo-databases and intelligent evaluation algorithms. On the other hand, localization techniques in mobile systems can uniquely determine the location of smartphone owners or smart shoppers. Therefore, geotargeting plays an important role in m-couponing.

Different forms of targeting

Different forms of targeting

Further targeting characteristics are ad targeting, keyword targe ting and content targeting. If the targeting refers to banner advertising, it is called ad targeting; if it refers to content, it is called content targeting; if it is semantic, it is called semantic targeting; if it refers to targeting in social networks, it is called social targeting; and if it refers to customer behavior, it is called behavior targeting.

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