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Social media are digital media based on digital communication technologies that companies and individuals use to contact and communicate with each other. Multimedia and interaction are key features of social media and apply equally to communication between people, friends and acquaintances, as well as between companies, employees, suppliers and customers.

The goals of social media in the private sphere are to maintain contact and to make new acquaintances and friends. In companies, social media is used for social business to establish new business relationships, publicize the company's goals, bind employees and create trust with suppliers and customers. Customer recommendations play a crucial role in this process, as they are generally credible.

Characteristics of social media

Characteristics of social media

Social media include social networks on the Internet, blogs, newsgroups and forums, communities, social commerce, social shopping, social TV and other social services. Communication and interaction is multimedia-based and can take place globally. It can take place by means of voice, as well as in the form of audio, music, photos, videos, with documents, as a short message service( SMS), instant messaging ( IM), mobile instant messaging ( MIM), unified messaging service( UMS) or rich communication services ( RCS). In this context, the messenger servicesWhatsApp, Ping, Twitter or Facebook should also be mentioned, which offer significantly improved services and are thus increasingly replacing the classic short message services. How and via which social network or collaborative platform the exchange of ideas or contact maintenance takes place is irrelevant in social media.

Based on the social media strategy, corporate objectives can be defined for the various corporate divisions. As with social media marketing, these can be marketing and PR strategies to increase awareness of the company or its products, or to publicize the company's social competence. Furthermore, social media can be used to promote communication between employees or between shareholders, improve the service area and intensify sales.

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