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Keywords are search terms with the help of which one can uniquely identify terms in the World Wide Web(WWW) and in relational databases. As far as the Internet is concerned, the search for terms is based on keywords, the descriptors. The right search term is crucial for search engine results. That is why search terms are of special importance for search engine optimization( SEO).

On the WWW, it is important to select keywords for search queries as they are entered into search engines. The keywords must have the exact idiom and the correct spelling. Slight deviations in spelling can be decisive for the results pages( SERP). Is it better to choose the German idiom or the English one, do you write the word with or without hyphen? The fact is that keywords that are spelled in the text the way most searchers type them are more likely to be listed in the results listing before differently spelled keywords.

Keyword determination based on the words landing page and landing page

Keyword determination based on the words landing page and landing page

One observation should clarify what has been said. If one has to decide on the search word A/D converter or A/D converter, the following situation presents itself. In Germany, most searchers enter the term A/D converter. If one examines the spelling a little more closely, one finds that the searchers like to omit the slash and write AD converter. This spelling is the optimal keyword for search engines.

The search engine operators provide corresponding service pages for the determination of the optimal search words, the keyword research. In addition, the Keyword Efficiency Index( KEI) can be used to determine the keyword with the best KEI index.

Keywords and keyword density

In addition to the keywords themselves, keyword density and keyword proximity are important for search engine optimization. It should not be too low, but also not too high. As a point of reference, 5% is given, based on the total word volume. In addition, the distribution of the keywords should be over the entire text. Since the number of keywords is included in the search engine indexing, black hat methods also work with keyword stuffing by stuffing the web pages with keywords and thus increasing the keyword density. Search engines recognize keyword stuff ing and react to such manipulation attempts with downgrades.

In the web address( URL) keywords should be written with a hyphen and not with an underscore, because search engines recognize hyphens as separators, whereas an underscore means the summary of a keyword. The recommended spelling CW.html.

Searching for the most frequently entered keywords is facilitated by online tools. For example, keywords can be entered in the ranking check and the user can see in which spelling the keyword or similarly spelled words were entered. In addition, a line diagram illustrates the chronological course of the search entries.

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