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Computer watches or smart watches are wristwatches that are equipped with various functions and wireless technologies and can be upgraded with apps. They belong to the group of smart wearables and are used to display the time.

In addition to displaying the time, they can communicate with other mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth Low Energy( BLE) and use it to evaluate activitytracking. Smartwatches also show the receipt of text messages, social messages and emails on the watch display. Some computer watches are equipped with speech recognition and voice processing and can recognize instructions and output messages in voice via the Conversational User Interface( CUI).

In addition to the mentioned functions, computer watches provide access to the Internet, where they can access weather or web news. The sensors and actuators built into smartwatches are designed as a human-machine interface and monitor various bodily functions such as pulse rate, skin impedance and other parameters. Functions that smart wristbands also perform. Deviations from standard values are directly detected and communicated to the owner with haptic actuators.

Galaxy Gear smartwatch from Samsung

Galaxy Gear smartwatch from Samsung

Computer watches are miniature computers with a display or touchscreen, some even with a video camera, voice recognition and loudspeaker, sensors for temperature, skin impedance or other physical parameters, and actuators for haptic signals that work with Android Wear as in the Apple Watch or proprietary operating systems such as Altius OS.

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