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conversational user interface (CUI)

Conversational User Interfaces (CUI) are user interfaces that can engage in linguistic dialogue. They are conversational and designed to constantly expand their linguistic vocabulary via chatbots.

CUI user interfaces can replace desktop and smartphone graphical user interfaces and are ideal for audio messaging and instant messaging. CUI user interfaces are voice-based user interfaces for dialog between the operator and the computer. Whereby the technology adapts more and more to the operator through its constant eagerness to learn in the way it expresses itself. Depending on the stage of development, CUI user interfaces can remember the user's interests and inform him or her about certain events - weather, traffic, stock prices, political events, appointments - on a daily basis without being asked.

For smartphones, the Google Now app is a personal assistant that can compose and send text messages automatically. CUI interfaces are also used in digital voice assistants and smart watches.

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