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smart device

Smart devices are autonomous miniature systems equipped with intelligence that are networked via the Internet of Things( IoT). These intelligent components are designed to detect certain physical variables, which they process and transmit the results to central smart devices such as a smartphone.

Smart devices consist of sensors, a highly integrated processor and the communication interface. The sensors can detect physical quantities, such as temperature, weight or humidity. In the case of medical wearables, this involves human vital signs such as heart rate, skin resistance, body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar or electrocardiograms. The variables recorded by the sensors are processed in the processor according to predefined programs. They are then transmitted via the communication interface to a computer or mobile device, which processes the data in an app and presents the user with a clear display of the results or executes a control function. For example, the blinds could be lowered in the event of strong sunlight.

Smart devices are networked via the Internet of Things (IoT) and communicate with other smart devices via radio protocols such as Bluetooth Low Energy( BLE), WiFi, near- field communication( NFC) or mobile communications.

Clip-on miniature camera, wearable camera, for livelogging, photo: Narrative.

Clip-on miniature camera, wearable camera, for livelogging, photo: Narrative.

Smart devices can be small and tiny smart objects. They can be smart dust, as well as smart mobile computers and communication devices such as smartphones, tablets, phablets, smart watches, fitness trackers, hearing aids, smart watches, smart glasses or digital voice assistants. Smart devices are used in smart homes, smart cities, smart manufacturing, smart cars and smart wearables. All everyday objects that are equipped with sensors and that process their data using a processor are smart devices. They have been developed for specific tasks; for the private environment, as well as for improving living conditions and for municipal, logistical, industrial and production tasks.

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