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medical wearables

Medical wearables are lightweight smart wearables equipped with button cells or batteries that are used in diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation. They are worn directly on the body or in close proximity to the body and can be used for real-time and long-term monitoring of human vital functions.

The range of medical wearables extends from smart contact lenses, smart glasses, smart bracelets, smart watches, smart patches, smart safety helmets and smart textiles to smart knee bracelets and smart shoes. The vital signs measured are also correspondingly extensive: Pulse, skin resistance, body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and electrocardiograms. From the measured values transmitted to smartphones, medical apps can calculate fitness and vital functions such as a long-term ECG or heart variability analysis. Communication takes place via extremely energy-saving wireless protocols such as Bluetooth Low Energy( BLE).

Smart watch as medical wearable, photo:

Smart watch as medical wearable, photo:

Medical wearables can be used to monitor vital signs in chronic and acute diseases. In the hospital and at home. The data measured and stored in the smartphone can be transmitted to the hospital or the family doctor via mobile networks or the Internet. This allows preventive measures to be taken against strokes and cardiovascular diseases.

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