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smart textiles

Smart textiles are intelligent textiles. They are textiles with special functional properties. Such smart textiles can be interwoven with electrically conductive fibers, but they can also contain electronic components of organic and printed electronics, as well as microprocessors or miniaturized textile-based sensors and actuators that respond to certain bodily functions and generate corresponding signals or emergency calls. These include textile solar cells, photochromic and electroluminescent textiles.

The collected data is transmitted to a smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy( BLE) and from there to a laptop or other computer via WLAN. The data can be processed using an app in the smartphone or with other programs in the laptop.

Smart textiles with woven-in microchips and sensors, Photo: ETH Zurich

Smart textiles with woven-in microchips and sensors, Photo: ETH Zurich

Smart textiles, also known as e-textiles, can be used in intelligent clothing, smart clothes, to monitor the body and vital functions of patients and athletes, as protective clothing or to shield against electrosmog, but also in architecture and interior design of rooms or for protective measures in construction or on dams. The health sector is likely to be of particular interest. The sensors for respiration, heart rate and blood pressure required to measure vital functions can be woven into the textile fabric and monitor the corresponding functions, record the data and transmit a message to a nurse or family doctor if the set limits are exceeded.

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