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Scareware is a real potential threat in cyberspace. When scareware is used, the user is made to believe that his personal computer is defective or otherwise malfunctioning. In doing so, the functioning of the computer is impaired by a malicious program of the cyber criminals. The user himself downloads the corresponding malware from the website of

the cyber criminals. The modus operandi of the online criminals is as follows: They send spam mails with an interesting reference to a website where something can be viewed or downloaded for free. The website in question is prepared in such a way that the visitor to the website downloads the malware. This is how the malicious program gets onto the user's computer where it causes operational problems. This can be reflected in the performance of the computer or in strange error messages


Scareware with a hint of a malicious program, screenshot:

Scareware with a hint of a malicious program, screenshot:

This is the approach taken by online criminals, who sell the affected user an antivirus program that improves performance again and pretend to the user that he has received the right help with the purchased program.

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