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Visitors are those who visit a website. These are those who call up a website and view several web pages within such a website. A distinction is made between normal and unique visitors, and between non-registered and registered visitors, registered users.

Normal visitors include all visitors within a specified period of time, for example, one month. It does not matter whether the visitor visits the website once or several times within this period. In contrast, unique visitors are counted only once in a given period, regardless of how often they return to the website within the period and how many web pages of the same website they visit. A unique visitor remains a unique visitor until he or she visits the same website again after the specified period. Clicking on web pages is expressed in visits, page visits or page impressions.

Registered visitors are those who have registered on a website or service; either with a clear name or a pseudo name. They have certain usage advantages over non-registered visitors and sometimes a more comprehensive range of services.

Since the IP addresses of all visitors are stored in the call-up statistics, the distinction and evaluation of visitors and unique visitors is quite simple, especially since it is of particular interest to the advertising industry. Higher unique visitor numbers increase click rates, whereas costs per click( CPC) or costs per order ( CPO) decrease.

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