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patch cable

Patch cables or patch cords are used for distributing and patching the various connecting lines. They are twisted copper cables or fiber optic cables used to interconnect crosspoints on the patch panel and connect computers to switches, hubs or routers via them.

Patch cords should be very flexible, have a small bending radius and, if possible, be adapted to the fixed cables. Although patch cables are taken into account in the current ISO/IEC11801 and EN 50173 standards, they are not included in the transmission properties specified in the link classes. This is to change in a revision of the cabling standards.

Fan-out cable with MPO and single FOC connectors, photo:

Fan-out cable with MPO and single FOC connectors, photo:

The patch cable is then to be included in the overall transmission characteristics with a length of up to 5 m as part of a new definition, the channel specification. This specification will include the patch cable and a connecting cable also 5 m long.

FO patch cables

As for optical patch cables, these connect subscriber premises equipment( CPE) in optical networks such as fiber-in-the-home to optical junction boxes. FO patch cords are available in ribbon fiber with multiple optical fib ers or with a single optical fiber or polymer fiber with all common FO connectors: LC connectors, SC connectors, ST connectors, E-2000 connectors, MPO connectors and many other connector types, both single and duplex. In addition, the various connectors for polymer fibers such as the F07 connector, F05 connector, SMI connector, HFBR connector and the RCC-45 connector.

Fiber optic patch cables used in building cabling are short cables with a length of 1m, 2m or 5m. They are used for the connection from the fiber termination point(GF- AP) to the fiber building distributor(GF-GV) or also to connect the optical network termination( ONT) to the fiber subscriber connection(GF- TA).

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